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I have a ton of hair that I have been dealing with primarily on my own for most of my life. There was a period of time when I was younger that my hair was relaxed to be more "manageable". After transitioning to fully natural hair, I became very overprotective of my curls. People have always tried to thin, apply heat to, or completely straighten my hair and that is not my intention. When I found Leysa on instagram, I felt immediately connected to her mission. Having the opportunity to be a hair model for her was a dream come true. During the process, Leysa cut and colored my hair, all while maintaining and defining my natural curls. She explained why she used certain techniques for longevity and hair health. Leysa wants everyone around her to feel special and she truly does make people feel like royalty. After three days with her, I feel more confident and capable than I have in 26 years of dealing with my hair. I am so happy with my decision to reach out to Leysa and to trust her with my curls.

- Lauren Leavell

When you sit down in Leysa’s chair, you can tell she is extremely talented and knowledgable about hair care and coloring textured hair. I felt so comfortable with her ability to do a quality job and keep the integrity of my curls! She has a contagiously positive personality and is an interesting person to get to know, which made getting my hair done an incredible experience! I would recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing hair colorist!

Anna Writer



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